Flavor of the Week #14

Flavor of the Week #14

We'd like to formally introduce our newest email / blog segment called "Flavor of the Week"! (Original, we know.) This series is meant to highlight our best e-liquid flavors. Tried and true, these delicious blends will have you coming back for more! Each flavor is hand selected by our staff based on a few metrics. The determination is based on order volume, average star-rating, and value.
Flavor of the Week #14 - Lemon Butter Cake by Decent Juice Co.
Lemon Butter Cake by Decent Juice Co. is a 120ml.co staple. We were the first to carry it and played an essential role in getting this lemon dream into the hands of vapers world wide. Lemon Butter Cake is the dessert everyone needs in their daily line-up of ejuice flavors. The balance of sweetness, zest, and that unique butter cake base keep you wanting more.. and more. It's a shame it's only available in a 60mL bottles (or maybe for the better). Regardless of your flavor preferences, we promise you Lemon Butter Cake will take you on a magical vape journey through the forest of citrus confections. Fruit and candy fans, don't be surprised if you learn to love this flavor. It's known for converting the harshest dessert critics to fans.
Go ahead, give it a shot. Use code: DECENT5 for $5 off your first bottle. You'll thank us later.


Have you already vaped this delicious flavor? Comment your experience below!
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Silvia Y. - July 6, 2018

My favorite juice ever

David S. - April 10, 2018

Lemon Butter Cake has literally been my exclusive all day vape for about 6 months now. I figured I’d share my story since no one else has, lol. Basically, I was never a dessert fan. Ever. Always loved fruits and candy flavors. Dessert vapes always gave me vape tongue and I would get sick of them within a couple tank fulls. I was in Texas and visited a shop who sold Lemon Butter Cake and they insisted I at least sample it since it was their best selling flavor. I tried it, thought it was okay, but knew I wasn’t going to be able to vape on it non-stop since it was a dessert. After about an hour of sampling, I couldn’t find anything with the same intensity of flavor and just overall experience as Lemon Butter Cake so I caved and bought a bottle. Well, I was wrong. Big time. It’s just light enough to be on the cusp of being considered a fruit flavor, but the butter cream / cake base they use is addicting. No other dessert vape has ever been able to satisfy the sweetness I enjoy like this flavor. I’m on bottle…. let’s just say probably 50 and I love it more and more every day. So glad I found 120ml.co to buy it since I’m constantly traveling for work. You guys rock and so does Lemon Butter Cake, my favorite ejuice.

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